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It’s time for a new approach.

The 9th district isn’t a Republican district. Or a Democratic district. It’s a Hoosier district. And it can’t be bought.

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We need to build a smart, effective organization.

We need to engage thousands of Hoosiers in the 9th district from all walks of life. This country belongs to all of us, not just the millionaires who are trying to buy influence.

To win, we all need to be involved starting now. And we need people like you to help keep us moving forward.

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    Shelli’s Story

    Mom. Educator. Public Servant.

    An Indiana University instructor and member of the Monroe County Council, Shelli has worked to make government more efficient, responsive and transparent in Monroe County since she was first elected in 2013.

    Meet Shelli

It’s going to take a Hoosier.


“Shelli Yoder brings an impressive record of community service and pragmatic problem-solving to this campaign, and she understands the challenges that Hoosiers face.”

—Lee Hamilton, Former 9th District Congressman and Honorary Campaign Chair

We’ve sealed the nomination.

Make a contribution today and help us build for the next phase.



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